No More MacBook ❌

With the growing discontent in how apple is making the macbooks (link link) and looking myself to replace my own 2012 macbook pro I decided to compile a list of suitable alternatives for my next computer.

This is not an exhaustive list but only a small research I did in a weekend, feel free to contact me if some info is outdated or if you want something added.


Prices are kind of rounded and may have changed. Sometimes there are multiple configurations available, in these cases I took the best cpu/ram combo without touching the hdd/ssd. A link is provided for the source of information. Some computer can also have big (10-20%) discount if you wait so you can get them at less then the price listed here.

Repair scores are taken from

Name Price CPU RAM Repair score link Review
Lenovo Yoga 920 1750$ 8th gen i7 16gb 10/10 link link
Microsoft Surface Pro 2600$ 7th gen i7 16gb 2/10 link link
ThinkPad X1 Carbon (6th Gen) 1600$ 8th gen i7 16gb - link link
Dell Xps 2400$ 8th gen i7 32gb 7/10 link link
Razer Blade Stealth 1500$ 7th gen i7 16gb - link link
Latitude 5590 2300$ 8th gen i7 16gb - link link
Xiaomi Mi gaming notebook 1199$ 8th gen i7 HQ class 16gb - link link
Slimbook Eclipse 1022$ 7th gen i7 HQ class 8GB - link link
Slimbook Excalibur 849$ 8th gen i7 4GB - link link
Macbook Pro 13-inch 1700$ 7th gen i7 16gb 1/10 link link